This is the real proof that you are not a musician. To begin with, just because you watched a YouTube video on how to play the guitar doesn’t mean you are now a musician.

The real sign that you are not a musician is a lack of talent. We are all aspiring singers, but talent alone does not constitute a musician; one must develop their talent by working as a professional musician. The following is a list of telltale signs that you are a layperson and not an expert.

You are not a professional musician; you are an amateur.

The careers of successful musicians differ greatly from those of amateur musicians in a variety of ways. The fact that professional musicians require outstanding expertise from everyone who joins them is the reason why they are successful in the music industry. Even when amateur musicians accept a subpar musical career, they are fanatics.

In actuality, amateur musicians will perform most of the time in ensembles with other musicians who aren’t dedicated to rising to the top.

Professional musicians can only be worked with by individuals in the music industry who are committed to achieving this goal.

Like amateur musicians, they interact with band members, friends, or coworkers and are pessimistic about their musical aspirations success.

Your live shows are more appropriate for your room than they are for the audience.

One of the most obvious signs that they are inexperienced musicians is their inability to perform well on stage. If you want to put on successful gigs that draw sizable crowds, sell albums and souvenirs, and broaden your band’s reach, you need more than just stage performances and musical instruments.

Every time you perform live, you should entice the crowd to cheer for your band’s talent and your pals (so they can boast about it to you the next time you phone and I’ll come see you).

Your band and/or you will play at tiny clubs, large concert halls, and ultimately stadiums and major music festivals the faster you perform.

sabotage your musical career

In the occasion that they don’t have a vocation or work opportunities, musicians often ponder leaping. The reality is that most people are unable to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead because of fear and worry.

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Avoid such musicians at all costs. Don’t let laziness or procrastination keep you from pursuing a career as a musician. Also, don’t let your unfounded fear of failure stop you from following your dream of a musical career. Making your debut record, joining a new band, creating songs, or advancing your profession are all examples of goals.

Prioritize your most significant musical goals, then work with your teacher to support you through each stage until you accomplish them. Then, adhere to these crucial instructions to advance your musical profession.

Situations in life hold your musical career captive.

It is challenging to have a successful music career if you spend your free time in the night as you work all day (non-music work).

One strategy for breaking out from your regular routine and beginning a full-time music career is to plan for a seamless transition from one person to the next.

You may, for instance, work 35 instead of 40 hours a week and devote an additional 5 hours to a music career. By earning money through music, the time needed for both regular employment and a music career may be significantly reduced.

You resolve to pursue your musical goal, but you are unsure about how to do it.

One of the best ways to destroy your musical career is to listen to non-successful professional musicians.

.“Musicianship is not a real profession.”
.Want to become a rock star? “All musicians are starving artists,” is the answer. Just around the corner, they want things to change.
.“The music business is dangerous. We need to locate a career that is safer.
.You’ll have to finish college and play simultaneously if that doesn’t work.
.The music industry is actually fairly secure (for those taking the right steps to make a living from music).

Actually, the vast majority of the committed employees in the music industry are not ravenous musicians.They have pleasant lives and are entirely unknowable, as they see fit.

Contrary to what most people believe, it’s actually much easier to succeed financially in the music industry and your income is secure. Nevertheless, many musicians—including those who work in the music industry—have followed the unfavorable advise of others. They consequently began to believe that their musical goals were impractical, if not impossible.

To actually flourish as a professional musician, all you need to do is pay attention to others who share your goals.

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Actually, there isn’t any money to be made in the music business.

In reality, inexperienced musicians spend a lot of time honing their instruments and creating their own music, but they are unable to understand how to truly enjoy it.

The process of writing, recording, and uploading a first album typically takes months. And nobody is aware of it. They were disappointed as a result, their musical careers were cut short, and they made no notable efforts.

Who can own the spirit of a singer?

Many folks are also accomplished musicians and singers. However, not everyone possesses a singing spirit. You don’t have to be a singer or musician to possess a singer’s soul. You may be anyone in the world, regardless of your age or professional background. In any case, life will be advantageous to you. Do you possess a singer’s soul?

Is a career in music right for you?

These are just a few signs that you might be a good fit for a professional music career. Anyone thinking about a career in music should start by picking up an instrument, but this is just the first step.


Do you want to work in the music industry? I play music. I did not try. After watching my first YouTube video, I made the decision to start taking guitar lessons if I wanted to become a musician.

I haven’t been doing this for the past 15 years. The objective is to become a musician. Musicians want to feel special, even if you try to be a wonderful singer and a nice guy. Otherwise, you can be sure you’re not a musician.