According to reports, Tonto Dikeh fought in Dubai.

Tonto Dikeh, a Nigerian actress, jumped down security’s throat at the door to an event in a hotel in Dubai on November 15, 2019, since they had refused to let her access.

The insider said that when Tonto arrived at the event’s location, security denied her entry while allowing others to attend.

Tonto abruptly and unfairly appeared to be very angry with the security guy. When they noticed Tonto Dikeh’s out-of-control fury, Timi and Bob turned away.

She threatened the security guy and inquired as to his knowledge of her identity while using the derogatory epithet “Nigga.”

“Are you aware of who I am? What the fvck do you know who I am.”
When things got out of hand and she was seized, the police were summoned.

She has caused a disturbance and is now in danger of being deported.