The well-known Nollywood actor Prince Emma Abuchi has passed away.

At his residence in DLA, Asaba Delta state, the actor from Abia state was reportedly shot and murdered by his PA.

Popular Anambra-based comedian Moses Anayochukwu Usulor, well known by his stage as Lord Zeus 101, broke the terrible news.
According to a video that was able to secure, the PA killed Emma on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, slept with him in their apartment, and fled with his belongings the next morning.

The neighbor who shares a compound with the tenant is Emma’s PA, according to the woman who is recounting the incident. On Wednesday morning, the boy was carrying their belongings and loading them onto a bus when asked him why he was doing it. The boy responded that they were going to an outside job.

The woman telling the story to the camera accused the neighbor for spotting anything odd and letting the youngster take the items and run. Additionally, it was learned that the teenager attempted to steal Emma’s automobile but was unable to do so because the vehicle was secured. As a result, he left the car key in the ignition, put Emma’s belongings into a bus, and then fled.

Additionally, the child removed every pin from the residence, leaving just the ceiling fan and the family dog. The worried coworkers of Emma Buchi in the Nollywood business are appealing for support from the public in locating the murderer and bringing him to justice.

Watch the video below: