ANGRY OOO! Man fabricates a medical certificate to divorce his girlfriend after she demanded N5 million for a wedding.

Okoye Agulu, a Twitter user, described how he fabricated a medical certificate in order to split up with his girlfriend, who was seeking 5 million naira for their wedding.
He described the situation and claimed his girlfriend had informed him that she want a 4 million naira wedding. He said he would pay her 1 million to cook her asoebi and cover other wedding-related costs.

He went to the hospital to fabricate a medical report claiming that he was AS and that they couldn’t be married because she was AS as well after realizing how much money she was asking for.

He composed;

“I used to date this girl, and she promised me that we would have a $4 million wedding, that I would pay $1 million into her account to cover wedding costs, and that she would also sell asoebi cloth.

To make a long tale short, I falsified a medical record at the hospital stating that I had AS since she has AS. We moved while we both sobbed.