As a leaked discussion of Korra Obidi’s affair exposes, the marriage struggle between her and her husband continues.


Korra had a three-month affair with a Lebanese businessman in Nigeria who named his club after their hot romance, according to notorious blogger Cuite Juls.

Korra stated in a leaked text between the mother of two and her husband, where they discussed their divorce, that she thought Justin Dean had forgiven her and that she should never have raised the affair again.


“According to our source, famed Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi cheated on her husband, Justin Dean, with Joe, the boss of Ciroc Nigeria, a Lebanese Nigerian based businessman.”

Another source close to Mr. Joe Nazal told us that Joe named his Lagos nightclub Moist in honor of his three-month-long “serious relationship” in terms of bedroom things.

The first three months were not long after Korra and Dr. Justin had married and he had gone to the United States to begin the process of having Korra join him as his wife.

Following then, the romance flourished every time Korra traveled to Nigeria.

Korra has already apologized, according to those close to her.

Korra has maintained that she used a condom on most occasions with Joe, so it’s not truly cheating,” according to another insider.