Famous Nollywood actress Chacha Eke recently asked for help on social media to change her name a few days after announcing the dissolution of her marriage to Austin Faani.

The Nigerian film business is home to notable people like Chacha Eke and Austin Faani. The Nollywood celebrity wed film director and filmmaker Austin Faani in 2013, and their union has so far given birth to 4 adorable children.

Nevertheless, Chacha Eke finally announced on her social media page that she and Austin Faani had terminated their marriage after nine years of marital bliss. For the second time in two years, she just announced the dissolution of her marriage.

The Nollywood diva, whose social media identity is still Chacha Eke Faani, recently enquired about how to alter it, suggesting that she may be really considering ending her marriage.

Chacha Eke