Daddy Freeze has gotten involved in the recent turmoil surrounding Yul Edochie’s newborn child with a second bride.

Daddy Freeze, a popular media figure, has reacted to the issue surrounding Nollywood actor Yul Edochie’s marriage after he revealed his second wife, Judy Austin Muoghalu.

Yul Edochie, according to KanyiDaily, came under criticism on social media after revealing his second wife, Judy Austin Moghalu, and their baby despite being married to his first wife, May Aligwe, for 17 years and having four children.

In response to the uproar over Yul’s second marriage, Freeze rushed to Instagram to encourage women to marry a “second spouse” and have a kid with him to balance the equation.

Daddy Freeze advised people to cease twisting scripture and tradition in favor of sexism and patriarchy, using the Bible to call for ladies whose husbands married another woman to reciprocate such gestures.

He wrote: “In my humble opinion, it would be in perfect equilibrium if May Edochir married a second husband, had a child for him, and then posted Yul’s pic with the comment below: @YulEdochie, number one undisputed!. Sadly life in Nigeria offers women very poor options.”

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“Perhaps, just to strike a fair balance, our women ought to start marrying second husbands. For once, let’s stop tilting scripture and tradition in the favor of misogyyyny and patriarchy. Rather, we should embrace the words of Christ that clearly state”.

“◄ Matthew 22:39 ► New Living Translation. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.

“If we were to follow this devoid of prejudice and stereotyping, then it would make absolute sense if women could also have other husbands. Because if you truly loved your wife as much as you loved yourself; like scripture instructs, then why shouldn’t she be polygamous if you opt to be?”