Davido responds to Oladips’ plea for him to forgive Lil Frosh by saying, “As long as I’m alive, Lil Frosh is not going to suffer.”

After someone urged him to forgive Lil Frosh, Nigerian singer Davido said that Lil Frosh will never suffer as long as he is alive.

Lil Frosh accused Davido of condoning domestic abuse, which led to the termination of their contract. In response, a friend begged Davido to forgive Lil Frosh.

In response to Oladips, Davido stated that since he will never have to witness Lil Frosh’s suffering while he is alive, he should ask someone else for forgiveness.

Davido won the hearts of many social media users with this post, proving that he is a true father who will not desert his son Lil Frosh despite having disciplined him.