After criticizing the cost of clearing his Lamborghini at the Nigerian port, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, an award-winning artist, received varied reactions from social media admirers.

Davido decried the cost of the clearance and asked for prayers for the country.

“You have no clue what I recently paid to have my Lamborghini cleared. “Please pray for Nigeria… Jesus,” Davido Twitter on Wednesday morning.

According to rumors, the Afro-pop star gave himself an early Christmas present of a Lamborghini Aventador valued at over N300,000,000.

Following his sold-out London show earlier this month, Davido purchased a Maybach.

“And there’s still Maybach clearance,” a fan, @riichdotcom, replied to his Twitter.

“I am my father’s child for that one,” Davido wrote on Twitter, hinting that his father, millionaire Adedeji Adeleke, would pay the Maybach clearance charge.

Fans lambasted Davido for grumbling about the expense of his Lamborghini clearance, pointing out that there are individuals who don’t even have food to eat.

“Lambo is not our problem guy,” a Twitter user, @Casbilli, wrote. “All we want to do is survive like ordinary Nigerians.”

“It seems you came to this life to purchase a car,” another tweep, @classicremmy, tweeted, “you’ll accumulate Africa money through streaming and shows, then go abroad to squander it with cars,” while also recommending the singer stop whining and find a method to help employees in the country.”

Other popular artists, such as Wizkid and Burna Boy, have also accused Davido of boasting about his exploits.

“You brag a lot, bro. Wizkid spends more money on chains than you do. @shirex9 tweeted, “Stop bragging.”

“Bro, your pals do it without much noise,” @swordsman29797 commented in response to Burna Boy’s Lamborghini spending. We already know you purchased a Lamborghini.”

Fans of Davido, as expected, rallied to his support in response to the allegations.