Fans criticize Khalid for lendering a finnacial help to another female roommate over Daniella.

Expulsion from Big Brother Naija reality program For a recent remark he made in an interview with Naija FM, Khalid has come under fire. In the interview, Khalid expressed his conviction that a certain female roommate will triumph due to her wit and dynamism. He claimed he was really thrilled when he saw her work out a math problem at home.

However he is been criticized by the social media users for declaring another girl a winner instead of his girlfriend Danniella,dispact that she is brilliant, active and successful in all her doing’s.

A fan of reality television said:


We are done watching this since it is so irritating, if I were Daniella. He ought to have at least wished her well. The girl is quite educated and competitive, so it’s not through shouting or anything like that, but I suppose people like what they want. The only female even close is Daniella