Fans were thrilled to see Burna Boy filming a music video in London and snapped a selfie (video)

Damini Ogulu, better known by his stage name a Boy, is a Grammy-winning musician from Nigeria who has astonished his fans by being spotted filming a new music video.

For the music video of a song from his most recent album, Love, Damini, Burna made the trip to London.

The hitmaker captured one of the scenes at a cosmetics shop in Camberwell, South East London.

When fans who recognized Burna Boy saw him leave the store and gestured during the video shoot, they were ecstatic.

According to a trending video on social media, men and women in the neighborhood screamed when they saw him.

In order for the audience to take selfies with him and get a close-up view, he had to stop the filming and tell his crew to call them over.

According to a previous report from xclusive, Burna boasted about his performances in almost all of the world’s nations.

This was stated by the African Giant in a tweet on his official Twitter page as he praised his own career advancement. The United States of America served as the final stop on Burna Boy’s recent Love, Damini North American Tour.

He asserts that once he completes his tours of South America, Asia, and Australia, he will be able to say with assurance that every nation in the world has recorded his performance footprint.

Burna also mentioned in another tweet that he was making a documentary about himself and was watching some old videos of himself. The “Kilometer” singer recalled touring all 36 of Nigeria’s states between 2013 and 2015 as part of a top telecommunications network.

He added that by the year 2018, he had already given performances in almost all of Africa.

“My Documentary is deep sea,” he said. I learned from watching some old videos that I’ve been touring since 2013, and by 2015, I had already performed with Glo and Star in nearly all 36 of Nigeria’s states. By 2018, I had done the same in nearly all of Africa.

“And by 2022, I’ll have given performances in almost all of the world’s nations. Once I complete my tour of Asia, Australia, and South America. I will have completed everything