Uriel Oputa of the BBNaija reality program has advised women to stop talking about how wonderful their husbands are since husbands would be scarce in 2023.

Uriel Oputa set some ground rules, claiming that discussing with people about your relationship, how great your partner is and what he has done for you, or how he makes you feel in tough times is useless because she recently found that spouses will be scarce in 2023.

According to Uriel Oputa, lovers and spouses will be scarce in 2023 as sapa dries love, and you should shine your eyes and grease your pot by concealing what he’s doing for you right now by crossing your legs and having fun.

This message from Uriel Oputa is for females who tell their friends or anyone else who would listen about what their boyfriends or spouses do for them merely to spice them up or make them seem attractive, since these ladies may be envious of the little you’re getting.