Ikem Mazeli, known as, Material, Onye nwegwu, Igwe Egwu, is an award-winning traditional highlife musician and a political stalwart. In an insightful interview with Okey Obiozo of Inlantown.com a society and culture website of Onicha people, he reveals his inspiration, passion for music; culture, and plans on taking his music to the next level.

IKEM: My name is Honourable Ikem Mazeli, known as Material Onye Nwegwu. The honorable that is attached to my name is because I was once a supervisor for Works and later, Education in Onitsha-North Local Government Area. I am a politician cum musician.
IKEM: My growing up was modest because right from childhood, I have been focused on life, knowing quite well that I was from a poor background, therefore I had to focus on working extra hard to forge ahead in life and ultimately aim at upgrading my family’s status. Thank God, today such dream has been achieved and I have put my family’s name in the forefront through my music. That notwithstanding, there were some hitches along the line but being focused helped tremendously in charting the right course.