Linda Ikeji Finally Explains Why She Arrested Wizkid at the Lagos State Police Station My fight with Wizkid and why I went to the cops – Culled From Her Blog.

Many of you are probably aware that the cops are now engaged in my dispute with Wizkid. Yes, I reported his public threat to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police two Sundays ago, and I’d want to explain why! Please listen carefully and have an open mind.

I’ve seen a lot of folks online declare they don’t like Wizkid. Wizkid himself believes I dislike him. To be honest, I’m not sure why he or anybody else believes that. Aside from his accomplishments since he began attacking me online a few weeks ago… Everything else, including Wizkid’s success over the previous 3/4 years, is on LIB. Everything that has shaped him into the young man he is now is on LIB: his accomplishments, sold-out performances, foreign magazine features, and partnerships. Please double-check! Look through my blog. Please keep going…

Wizkid was one of my favorite artists. Fuse ODG’s ‘Antenna’ and Kiss Daniel & DJ Shabzy’s Raba were the only songs that made me dance harder than his ‘Dance For Me’ tune. So, no, I had nothing against Wizkid. But approximately a year ago, I became aware of his sarcastic remarks directed at me in an oblique manner… Wizkid offered his support and made insulting statements when another musician had a quarrel with me. That’s when I realized he had a problem with me… But that didn’t stop me from praising him and writing about him.

Let’s get down to business. I didn’t write it out of malice when I wrote that he was handed a quit notice at his Lekki house. It’s not every day that you obtain exclusive stories…and I’m confident that any other blogger who got the news first would have published it as well. So there was no beef; I was simply going about my business. Wizkid went on my Instagram page a day or two after I posted this tale, calling me names and lying that I slept with one of his directors… which, as I already stated, is 100 percent false! However, the police are not engaged because of the insults and falsehoods.

Here’s the deal: you may trash me, my family, call me whatever names you want, and even claim that I slept with your forebears… But don’t make me feel threatened. If you threaten me, I’ll respond!

I saw on the internet that I reported Wizkid to the police because I was afraid of him. No, my darlings, Wizkid does not scare me. I don’t take his threats lightly, though. For two reasons, I went to the authorities… Please, young males of our time, pay close attention to what I’m going to say.

Violence against women, as well as the threat of violence against women, is not acceptable. Every country in the world, including Nigeria, considers threatening someone in a public location to be a criminal offense. I’m sure some of you didn’t know that. You cannot publicly threaten to harm someone. Only if your victim does not denounce you to the authorities will you get away with it. If they do, you’ll have a case with the cops, and believe me when I say that the cops take these things very seriously.

I reported this incident to the authorities because I want our young guys to understand that this is not acceptable behavior. You should never touch a lady with your hands. You should never threaten to hit a lady with your hands. Wizkid said he’d send his 16-year-old cousin to beat the crap out of me. Allowing Wizkid to get away with it is essentially showing our young guys that this is acceptable behavior…and it isn’t!

I noticed a number of teen lads cheering and applauding Wizkid after he threatened me. This was OK with them. They can do it if their idol can threaten a lady with violence and use nasty language… This is how the cycle of female abuse perpetuates For a few days, the term “smelly Kitty-Cat” was all over the internet! The statements were well received by the young guys. Sad!

It disgusts me that anyone, particularly women, would support Wizkid. I noticed a couple of young girls smiling as they scrawled RIP Linda. This is a serious situation. It makes no difference if you like me or not! Linda Ikeji is not the subject of this article. This is about female abuse, which has pervaded our culture to the point where it is now considered normal. It’s something that men do all the time and get away with. Because of the stigma, many women are assaulted by their spouses and are reluctant to speak up. They are terrified of what others may think if they seek assistance. I’m afraid I’m not one of those ladies. We need to get together as women to speak out against the suffering of women on our continent. Let us act when we observe a lady being physically and emotionally assaulted. Let’s take a stand. Let’s not joke that she deserved it. If we remain silent, the circle of abuse will continue. And one day, You, yes You, will be the recipient of a thunderous slap, followed by a barrage of severe strikes. Maybe your daughter, if not you? Let us denounce all forms of violence and threats against women! This is just unacceptable! I will not be a victim. And I will speak up as long as I have a voice and a platform.

Wizkid, who is the father of two young boys, should never advocate for violence against women. He’ll have a daughter one day; how would he feel if another guy threatened her or simply called her a hoe?

In his tirade against me, Wizkid called me a hoe a number of times. That’s how boys behave. They try to slut-shame a lady when they get into a dispute with her. Smelly Kitty- Cat, hoe, ashawo, and so forth. You label a lady a hoe because she handed another young woman, whose true name she doesn’t even know, N500,000 only because she claimed she would rather work as a cement carrier than prostitute herself? When your head is so cluttered This is what happens when you can’t tell the difference between a woman and a hoe. You shouldn’t label any lady a hoe until you travel to Sanusi Fanfuwa at 2 a.m. to pick up a prostitute who openly defines herself as one.

Tupac, a well-known gangster, could tell the difference between the many sorts of women he interacted with. When questioned why he called women bitches in an interview, he responded that people should not mix things up, that he wouldn’t approach a mother or sister the same way he would speak a Dam, and that the bitches he dealt with in the clubs were the ones that behaved like one. He emphasized his admiration for women!

Wizkid would have lost his endorsements in more civilized nations and spent the next year or so apologizing and advocating anti-violence crusades against women. After his assault on a lady, Chris Brown took years to get back on his feet. He hasn’t had any till now Despite big endorsements, certain nations, such as Australia, continue to refuse him entry because of something he did seven years ago. Yes, women’s violence is a significant issue!.

There’s also the issue of inciting. You have to be careful what you say in public when you have power and influence. Because you have so much power, whatever you say has the potential to affect your followers. Even if you don’t support or condone certain behaviors, a fan can do them. They believe you mean it because it came out of your lips. As a result, saying words that might inspire violence is irresponsible. When individuals act based on what you say in public, you might be held legally liable. After some thugs killed a police officer, Tupac was charged and indicted in court. In court, the thugs claimed that their idol promoted violence against LA police officers in a song ‘Drop a cop,’ he said. As a result, those of us with some clout should be more circumspect in our words. People are paying attention and listening!.

Second, I filed a police report to urge other women in similar situations to do the same. My darling girls, complain to the authorities if a man threatens to lay his hands on you and you believe the danger is real. Don’t wait for him to do it. What if you don’t make it out alive? If he is apprehended and faces charges (yes, you can face charges for making threats… it’s a misdemeanor with a jail term), he will think twice about making threats against you or any other lady in the future.

I went to such lengths for myself and other ladies. This is intended to send a clear message to our young guys that such behavior against women will not be accepted. This is not acceptable. If a lady refuses to remain silent after you assault or threaten to assault her, the law will pursue you. Don’t be silent, women. Let’s start by breaking the circle. For the sake of our daughters, granddaughters, great-granddaughters, and all other women who will follow in their footsteps.

That’s about all I have to say about the subject. Thank you for your time and consideration.

That’s about all I have to say about the subject. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Fans of Wizkid may be certain that I wish him nothing but the best in life. His light will never wane, and he will continue to develop from strength to strength (as long as he does not advocate violence against women). God led him to this point and will keep him there. I adore his work and hope that one day we will be able to put this behind us.
God bless him, myself, you, and everyone else on this planet!