MI Abaga explains his decision to skip the EndSARS demonstration.

The Nigerian rapper MI Abaga revealed the reason why he was unable to be identified during the # EndSARS protest in relation to the current protest that featured celebrities and regular people.

Celebrities from Nigeria have been more nervous than usual as they have protested against the SARS tragedy thus far.

Many of Nigeria’s biggest stars compromised and horrified the public while protesting against SARS and urging the government to halt the disease.

The IGP is responsible for this and has barred SARS celebrities from Nigeria, but as of now, one of the protest’s backers has not been located.

His absence’s cause has as far been made known. According to him, he said.

I regrettably still don’t feel well enough to walk outside, but I join @falzthebahdguy, @iRuntown, and all the lovely young people in saying #EndSars.