Former defense counsel for Naira Marley gets a two-year prison term – [Photos]

Former Naira Marley attorney Taiwo Oreagba was given a two-year prison sentence on Friday by Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo of the Ikeja High Court in Lagos for accepting an N4 million bribe.

Justice Taiwo declared Oreagba guilty following a two-year trial. Former “Am I a Yahoo boy?” singer Naira Marley’s ongoing alleged online crime-related case was previously defended by Oreagba.

The court stated that Oreagba had not denied the information contained in a voice recording in which she was heard bragging about paying N4 million to bribe EFCC officials in exchange for her client’s smooth exit.

oreagba,was jailed by the court for two years for the crim of corrupt demand by a person.

after discovering that the convicted party had returned the N4 million to her victim, Justice Taiwo offered Oreagba the chioce of an N500,000 fine.

The court freed Oreagba for the second instance of obtaining money by false pretenses.

The convict’s claim that she could sway the judges assigned to her cases in the Lagos State Judiciary as well as law enforcement officers was rejected by Justice Taiwo.

Oreagba was initially accused of the crime by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on November 12, 2020 before Justice Sherifat Solebo of the Special Offenses Court in Ikeja, Lagos.

She pleaded not guilty to a two-count charge that involved an alleged corrupt demand and obtaining the N4 million under false pretense.

In order to influence EFCC officials into securing Uka’s release, it was rumored that Henry Umoh paid Oreagba counsel for a person named Kelechi Uka, who was the focus of an investigation by the EFCC, N4m.

Uka’s case, which involves theft-related offenses, is being heard by the Lagos State High Court.
While acting as Umoh’s attorney in Lagos on or about March 2, 2020, Oreagba was accused of committing the crime.

After the defendant entered a plea, she was granted bail and the trial got underway.

But Justice Solebo resigned from the case in the middle of the trial, so it was given back to the Chief Judge for new assignment.

The case was then given to Justice Taiwo.

Oreagba was detained again in October 2022 for the same two offenses, and the trial before Justice Taiwo subsequently started.

The prosecution played an audio tape in which the defendant boasted that she could give her clients a smooth exit by giving EFCC agents Sini Oma John, Femi Olukinni, and their team some of the N4,000,000 to influence the agents. The defense called five witnesses, and the prosecution played the audio tape.

They claimed that Kelechi Uka is being charged by the EFCC in the Ikeja High Court.

Throughout the trial, Oreagba convinced Umoh to part with the money, as he related in his statement. According to him, she never provided a receipt.

Umoh, a prosecution witness (PW) 2, claimed that the money that the defendant allegedly asked him for was not for her professional fees but rather for money that she allegedly promised to send to EFCC agents but instead gave them in person.

On the recording, Oreagba mentions Sini Oma John and Femi Olukinni, but neither of them admitted to talking to Oreagba about Uka’s soft landing.

Additionally, they claimed that they received no payment from her, in contrast to what Oreagba claimed in the audio clip.