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Nigeria Government finally Approved a Free Virtual Chinese Education

Nigeria Government finally Approved a Free Virtual Chinese Education

The Nigerian federal government has been assured by China that they will continue to receive assistance in the field of education.


Has opened a free virtual Chinese education and over more than 600 Nigerians have signed up.

At the Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone (OGFTZ) in Igbesa, Ogun State, the launch of the free Chinese Online Classroom Project, Ms. Yan Yuqing, Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate in Nigeria, provided the assurance.

Professor Li Yonghe, President of Yunnan Agricultural University represented by Professor Wei Hongjiang, Mr. Deng Yu, CEO of Guangdong New South Overseas Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Mr. Cai Guo, Vice President of China Glass Holdings Co., Ltd., and Mr. Song Bin, General Manager of Senda Group Nigeria Branch were among those present at the launching ceremony. Madame Wang Jinhong, Chairman of Chinese Plus, was also in attendance.

The Free Trade Zone Online Chinese Classroom, according to Yuqing, is a major turning point in the cultural and economic cooperation between Nigeria and China, even though it was disclosed that the project was carried out in conjunction with the Chinese Ministry of Education.

She claimed that the project was in line with President Xi Jinping’s assistance for African development, which “seeks to cultivate Chinese-speaking talents, bolstering local economies and fostering mutual understanding”.

The online course, according to her, “Aims to foster cultural exchange and strengthen Nigeria-China relations by providing tertiary students and interested individuals with Mandarin Chinese learning opportunities.”

Focusing on technology transfer, career development, and global readiness, the project represents OGFTZ’s dedication to creating a favorable atmosphere for Chinese and Nigerian enterprises.

Madame Jinhong emphasized that the partnership with Yunnan Agricultural University promised to develop proficient language speakers, equipped with vocational skills, bridging cultures and creating opportunities for cooperation. She also noted that the initiative’s goal is to make Chinese learning accessible to people worldwide through online courses and live broadcasts.

During his speech, Kevin Liu, the Deputy General Manager of China-Africa Investment FZC, emphasized that the main goal of the program is to provide university undergraduates with the necessary tools and to increase their opportunities for skill development and economic empowerment.

In addition to the academy setting, he said, the program will also benefit those in the community who are interested in learning Chinese.

“I want to thank the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Ogun State government, and the Chinese Consulate General for their support and cooperation,” he remarked.

We are very confident that the project will succeed, and what we want is that Nigeria and all of Africa will benefit from it,” he stated.

Madame Wang, one of the project coordinators, clarified that the goal of the project is to close the knowledge gap that existed between the workers and the experts by having the workers acquire the language.

She revealed that the class’s organizers are also searching for ways to collaborate with the State’s higher education institutions on curriculum development.

More than 600 people have signed up for the course, according to Wang, both in person and online.

However, Arigbabu assured the Chinese that the State government would support them, saying that they would collaborate with the project’s organizers.

According to him, the government is willing to include Chinese language instruction in the curriculum to increase student empowerment and access to better opportunities.

One of the students, Tongnyan David, expressed gratitude to the Chinese government for setting up the free online Chinese course.

“I’m glad to be involved in this project. It will enable me to communicate in the language, improve my technical proficiency with machines, and increase income in society too.

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