After stating that the blog was out to bring her down, the stunning actress decided to shower the blog with c.urses.

She wrote, “Taking to her verified social media handle on the famous social media platform, Instagram,” on the popular social media platform.

“May all the curses of the Bible be on the person in charge of that gistlover blog… The only difference is that I NBS did anything he/she wrote about me. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa peace has

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She continued;

“Pls nobody should call me on this again, Not even msgs…GOD will prove himself 🙏 for years all that blog did was remove food from my mouth and I kept mute, But this particular one Haaa Abiamo Orun wont even sleep on this one, only if I did whatever the blog wrote…All my life I have never been this Sad, hard girl in the Mud cus common I cannot let this continue….. Any Man I was involved with can say whatever he feels like, after all, he needs d attention to stay relevant, But this will be the very last I will say on this👌 Don’t worry about me I have cried out my anger, I am very fine 😊 THANK YOU❤️