*Hubby hit her on the chest – Deceased’s elder sister
By Juliet Umeh
Osinachi Nwachukwu, the elder sister of the late gospel music singer who died last week of purported throat cancer, said her sister died as a result of a cluster of blood in the chest after a kicking she allegedly received from her husband, Mr. Peter Nwachukwu, over the weekend.
Ms. Favour Made, the late Osinachi’s elder sister, also claimed that her sister was mistreated by her husband prior to her untimely death. Julieth Umeh was the person she chatted with.

We heard it was cancer that killed Osinachi

My late sister, Osinachi, was a mother of four children, three boys and one girl, who lived in Abuja with her husband. My younger brother, who had gone to see the kids, said Nwachukwu had not been arrested and was still in his Abuja home. When my brother arrived, the kids were overjoyed to see him and told him that they wanted to visit their grandmother, who happens to be my mother.
What happened to her kids?
The youngsters are in the company of their father. My brother has traveled to Abuja to meet with the kids. However, I advised him not to go alone because the man is a beast, and that he should travel with someone.
So, what does the husband have to say now?
The husband is merely braggadocio. He had previously informed the twin sister that he would be separating her from her sister, who was his wife. He forbids us from approaching Osinachi. Osinachi has never visited our village, Isuochi in Abia state since she married him.
She only came to our village after our father passed away in 2017.
Even on the day of my father’s burial, when Osinachi warned him to slow down because he was speeding, the next thing he did was slap her. This was revealed to me by my little sister, our second-to-last child, who was in the car with her. When my younger sister attempted to act, Osinachi began pleading with her and implored her to calm down. I would have given him his own slap without saying anything if I had been in that vehicle.
Osinachi has a heart of gold. Even her twin sister is braver than she is. When her twin sister came to see her in the hospital, Nwachukwu refused to let her stay with Osinachi. Then Osinachi began pleading with her husband to let her sister stay because she was suffering from heart anguish, but he refused. Nwachukwu then ordered her to leave the hospital. After that, Osinachi urged the sister to leave, but her husband refused.
What is your family’s standing, and how many members do you have?
I am the family’s firstborn daughter, and there are seven of us in total: six girls and one male.
The boy is 30 years old and is the fourth child.
What are Peter’s origin and occupation?


He is from the Anambra State town of Nnewi. He has no work that I am aware of. In reality, he demanded that my sister give him the password to her YouTube music channel, and when she refused, he became enraged and told her that the money in his account had run out.

Is he your sister’s manager, as I’ve learned?

Yes, he behaves like one. If my sister is registered for a program, the fee is deducted from her account and deposited into his. He’ll be the one to haggle over the price. My sister will be left with little or nothing because all of the funds were paid into his account. This was a person who had been elevated by God. He believes we are without someone because our first son was born late and died before my father in 2017. As a result, he believes that my only brother is incapable of doing anything. He believes we don’t have somebody to speak for us. He warned us that if Osinachi did not return alive, she would die.
What channel did you use to learn about your sister’s death?
He didn’t tell us about my sister’s death when she died. It was others who informed us of her demise. One of her friends, whom she had asked to cook jollof rice for her, called Osinachi’s twin sister to inquire whether she had heard anything. She claimed she didn’t see Osinachi on her bed when she arrived at the hospital. We had no idea what the speaker was talking about because he didn’t inform us. Then, when we placed a call to him and he didn’t answer until approximately 8 p.m., he began contacting my brother. Meanwhile, we were told she died in the afternoon, but we found out about 5 p.m. from other individuals. Around 8 p.m., Nwachukwu called my brother and told him that he had never been allowed near them.
He casually informed him that his wife had passed away and that he should come. “Is it now that he wants him to come to his house?” my brother inquired. My mother was also phoned by Nwachukwu, who informed her that his wife was late. My mother then asked him if he had carried out his threat to kill her. After then, he turned off his phone.
What does your mother have to say right now?
Since her daughter has already passed away, she simply wants to see her grandkids. The kids had been begging to come, but Nwachukwu had always refused. Except for when my father died, the children had little knowledge of their mother’s village. Even when my sister comes to visit us in Enugu for a program, her ticket back to Abuja is usually booked the same day. He refuses to let her visit our home in Enugu. When those four children were born, my mother did not do Omugwo, which means she did not take care of them. In fact, Osinachi called me after her second child was born to tell me that this man planned to kill her. I went there to return her to her home. Nwachukwu returns after a while He was forgiven after he arrived with a group of people to plead his case. So, I’m not sure what he did to my sister following that episode, but whatever he does to her, she refuses to speak. Even if she doesn’t want to talk, she will.
What brought Osinachi and Nwachukwu together?
It was the location of their program. Nwachukwu fell in love with my sister after seeing how she ministered.