Friends and ministry colleagues have stated that OSINACHI, a gospel singer in Nigeria, died in dubious circumstances on Friday, April 8, 2022.

While some claim she died of Throat Cancer, others claim she died after being beaten into a vegetative state by her husband.

The cause of her death will only be known until her Church, family, and the police have been able to release medical reports or comments regarding the incident.

However, while we wait for the results of the inquiry into her death, I’ve been reading a lot of people’s emotions about her death. And based on these responses, it appears that many people are outraged that such a rare gem in her prime could have her life cut short, and not just by anyone else, but by the guy she adored till the end.

Many of these reactions about the cause of her death revealed she was in an abusive marriage; a marriage characterized by the singer being constantly brutalized by her husband, and a marriage dominated by domestic violence, according to what I gleaned from some of these reactions about the cause of her death.

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If these claims regarding Osinachi’s marriage are accurate, it’s terrible that she ended up in such a dangerous situation. I’m baffled as to why a man who courted a woman and claimed to love her would murder her in such a heinous manner. If the claims against her spouse are found to be accurate, he must face the consequences of his actions.

Because it is now too late to save her, the act has been completed. But what can we learn as Christians, as the body of Christ, from this tragic tragedy, and why did Osinachi choose to stay in her marriage despite the danger she was in? In a nutshell, what would

Some of her friends and ministry colleagues tried to persuade Osinachi to leave her marriage because of the deadly events she had been forced to go through at the hands of her husband. And, if such intervention is accurate, why did Osinachi fail to listen to such advice and instead choose to continue in the marriage?

We can only speculate as to what her motivations might have been for staying in the marriage despite the fact that her life was in jeopardy. And one of the likely reasons, in my opinion, is that she chose to be true to the vow she made before God and his Church when she married her spouse.

When a woman and a man decide to marry in Holy Matrimony, they become one body in God’s eyes, united by the Holy Spirit’s power. This is why Osinachi was unable to just leave her marriage. One cannot simply walk out of one’s own body.

“As a result, they are no longer two, but one flesh.” Let no man, therefore, tear asunder what God has joined together.” (KJV Matthew 19:6)

Another factor in Osinachi’s decision to stay in the marriage despite its fatal effects could have been her desire to be true to her calling as a Minister of the Gospel through her music ministry. Leaving her marriage would undoubtedly have had devastating ramifications for her ministry.

What do you think the reaction of Christians would have been if Osinachi had opted to leave her marriage? I believe this woman would have been chastised for abandoning her faith, humiliated by being prevented from ministering in churches because she was divorced, and outright excommunicated from the Brethren community.

In light of this, I agree with her decision to stay in her marriage despite its toxic nature. Christians are never told in the Bible that they will not confront life’s troubles and hardships in the hereafter. The Bible promises us that such difficult times should not be stumbling blocks, but rather steppingstones in our spiritual development.

“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it,” Jesus Christ is quoted as saying by Matthew, one of his followers. (Matthew 10:39)

Osinachi made the decision to give up her life for the sake of Jesus Christ in order to gain eternal life. She not only taught this truth in her songs, but she also lived it in the ministrations of her songs. That is why she chose to stay in her marriage rather than end it.

To summarize, Osinachi had to despise the joys of the present by refusing to surrender to her husband’s wicked behavior and keep to Jesus Christ by loving him to the end.

Paul, one of Jesus’ Apostles, a man who was used mightily in the cause of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, endured immense hostility, heartache, and very difficult lethal confrontations, but he never stopped preaching the gospel or denied Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

“I am speaking as if I am out of my mind, but I am so much more: in worse labor, in more imprisonments, in worse beatings, in constant risk of death,” Paul stated of the difficult times he endured while preaching the gospel. I received forty lashes minus one from the Jews five times. I was beaten with rods three times, stoned once, then beaten with rods three times more.

“I have been in danger from rivers and bandits, from my countrymen and Gentiles, in danger in the city and in the country, in danger on the sea and among false brothers, in labor and toil and often without sleep, in hunger and thirst and often without food, in cold and exposure during my frequent journeys.” 2 Corinthians 11:23-27 (NIV)

In light of this, we can confidently assert that, despite her terrible marriage, Osinachi did not let her abusive relationship with her husband stop her from her music ministry. And because she stayed true to her calling to the very end, we can confidently predict that she will be given the gift of an eternal relationship with God in Heaven.

Have a blessed eternal rest, Osinachi, Amen!