The family of Osinachi Nwachukwu, the late “Ekwueme” singer, has disputed claims that she died of cancer.

Osinachi’s death was revealed on Friday night, according to SaharaReporters.

According to some sources, the singer died in a hospital after being subjected to domestic violence by her spouse.

Ms. Favor Made, Osinachi’s sister and the family’s first daughter, verified the reports on Sunday, adding that Osinachi died as a result of a cluster of blood in the chest.

She said the late suffered from a blood clot as a result of her husband, Peter Nwachukwu, kicking her.

“We heard that Osinachi died of cancer.” She didn’t succumb to cancer. Mr. Peter Nwachukwu, her husband, smacked her across the breast with his leg. He’s been beating her the whole time, but my sister hides everything from us,” she alleged, according to the Daily Post.

She claimed that her family had counseled Osinachi to end the marriage, but that she prayed to God to transform her spouse.

“We informed her that they are not divorcing and that their separation is only temporary.” But she had the impression that God was against divorce. We explained to her that separation is not a sin, but rather a necessity for her to survive and care for her children. She often tells us to take it easy and that the man will change.

“She went down when the man kicked her in the chest, and he rushed her to the hospital without even telling us,” he claimed.

“Did your sister tell you that Peter hit her on the chest?” a friend from Ebonyi State asked Osinachi’s twin sister because Osinachi had a twin sister.

She was then told no by her sister.

“It was the chest beating that killed her. “My brother had to go to the doctor and inquire what killed her, and the doctor stated there were clusters of blood on her chest,” she explained.

Made went on to say that the doctor had no idea Osinachi had been kicked in the chest.

Peter had boasted, according to her, that he would separate Osinachi and her twin sister.

She claimed he also prevented the siblings from getting close and prevented the deceased Osinachi from visiting her community in Abia State, Isuochi.

She also stated that Peter had not been detained, as some reports claimed.

She further confirmed that he violently abused her sister and enjoyed collecting her money while leaving her with nothing.

When Osinachi died, Peter did not immediately contact his family, according to Made, and it was not until 8 p.m. that he casually notified their mother about the loss.