Top 10 Business Ideas in Nigeria 2023

In Nigeria, opening a business is straightforward. But for the vast majority of people, money continues to be a major obstacle. While some people have the resources to launch their own business, many do not. Fortunately, there are inexpensive options to consider. The information provided here might help you launch the least expensive business in Nigeria. Creating a business idea and launching it in Nigeria is like finding a goldmine that could give people a better way of life in a place where unemployment and an economic deficit are the norm. With the right attitude, perseverance, and drive, you can develop your business idea into a successful business that can not only meet your needs but also open up job opportunities for others.


Thing you need to do before starting low budget business in Nigeria

  • Budget: In Nigeria, you must first establish your budget before beginning any business. Regardless of how little or big your firm is, you must start with an exact sum. A small business can be launched for just 50,000 naira. You should at the very least own a business or a store if you want to be your own boss. You typically need between 100,000 and 300,000 to start a low-budget business, depending on how modest your business plan is. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that starting a business calls for more than just a clever idea and some cash. Additionally, it necessitates exhaustive planning, market research, and an in-depth comprehension of your target market. an investment of money. Additionally, you need to be committed, work hard, and have a thorough understanding of the field you’re entering. 

  • Profit: To determine how successful a business will be before you launch it, you must research the sector. Avoid entering a business without doing any research first. You may find possible rivals, comprehend your target market, and gauge demand for your goods or service by conducting market research. You’ll be able to make more successful selections with the help of this knowledge. Learn as much as you can about the business you wish to launch, including its successes and failures. As a result, before launching a business, careful investigation and analysis are crucial. You may then use this information to design successful plans to reach your objectives by identifying potential risks and opportunities.

  • Environment: You should observe the area before renting a shop in order to understand the type of clientele they cater to and what works best for them. There may be a higher market for your products. It’s critical to consider the shop’s accessibility, neighborhood economic conditions, and local competitiveness. By conducting market research and data analysis, you may determine whether to rent a shop in a particular location. Your neighborhood’s small business rival may be able to boost your sales. If you want to decide if a site is suitable for your business, you can also take into account the accessibility and local foot traffic. Offering distinctive goods or services that your rival does not might also help you draw in more clients to your store.

10. Data reselling business

Data reselling business

We now live in a digital age where everyone needs to be connected in order to stay informed about events both locally and globally. The world has effectively become a small community. As a result, getting and using a data plan becomes necessary. Having a data plan enables individuals to stay connected with people from different parts of the world, access information and services online, and even work remotely. It has become an essential tool for communication, education, and business in today’s interconnected world. A laptop or smartphone, money for the initial purchase, good internet connections, and a bank account as a form of payment are some prerequisites for starting a data reselling business. It’s part of the business that is currently trending in Nigeria right now. Data reselling involves buying data bundles in bulk from telecommunications companies and reselling them to individuals or businesses at a profit margin. It requires minimal investment and can be done from anywhere, making it a flexible source of income for many Nigerians. You can start this data reseller business for as little as 100,000 naira.

9. Shawarma selling business

Shawarma selling business

Shawarma can be topped with vegetables, sauces, and spices and is typically served in a pita or wrap. Shawarma restaurants have popped up all over the world as a result of its popularity. One of today’s most popular snacks is shawarma! The filling for shawarma, a snack, can be either beef or chicken. Many people, particularly the younger generation, have come to love it over time. In addition to ensuring that you produce high-quality shawarma, training in the process will give you an advantage over rivals and boost your chances of business success. Additionally, you might think about studying marketing tactics to draw clients and expand your company. Best place to sell your shawarma is either a bar, hotel or any rocking area. 

8. Graphic design

Graphic design

In Nigeria, graphic design is a lucrative profession that can pay you in the form of flyers and other designs like banners, etc. You can start this business and earn a good living from it. To succeed in the field, you must have creativity, technical proficiency, and a solid grasp of design principles. In today’s digital world, where there is a growing need for visual content, graphic design is a lucrative career path that can present countless opportunities for professional development and success. It’s not a job you can take on as a business if you don’t have any prior experience in graphic design. Software like Corel Draw and others must be used properly. However, there are numerous online tutorials and courses that can teach you the skills you need if graphic design is something you’re interested in learning. With effort and practice, you can hone your skills and perhaps even turn it into a successful business. When thinking about pursuing a career in graphic design, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the fundamental elements of the field, including hierarchy, color, typography, lines, shapes, balance, texture, alignment, proximity, and contrast. A shop and some graphic design tools, such as a laptop, printer, and others, are all you need to launch a graphic design business after being professional in your work. You already know what you require because it is a necessary component of Nigerian commerce. To demonstrate your abilities and draw in prospective customers, it’s crucial to also take into account developing a strong business plan, figuring out your target market, and developing a strong portfolio. These actions can support the success and long-term viability of your Nigerian graphic creative team.

7. Laundry business

Laundry business

In addition to being practical for people with busy schedules, laundry services present employment opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Considering the rising demand for laundry services, starting a laundry business in Nigeria can be lucrative. It is challenging to find time for laundry because most people’s jobs are busy. To make the process more convenient, many people choose to use laundry services or buy washing machines. To help busy people, some businesses also provide laundry pick-up and delivery services. You must be honest when doing laundry, just like in most other businesses. As a laundry service provider, you must always keep your word by making sure that your customers’ clothes are ready when they are expected. In addition, it is important to maintain the quality of the clothes by following the care instructions and using appropriate detergents and fabric softeners. This will ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

6.  Mobile Accessories And Gadgets

Mobile Accessories And Gadgets

One of the most successful businesses you can start in Nigeria is selling phones and accessories. More connections are made thanks to it. In Nigeria, there is a growing market for smartphones and related accessories, making this a lucrative industry to enter. Additionally, since people frequently upgrade their phones, it can help you forge lasting relationships with your clients. Selling phone extras like chargers and other items can increase your customer base. By offering phone accessories, you can also increase your revenue streams and improve your profit margins. This can help your business grow and expand in the long run. One must take the location into account when opening a business that charges mobile devices. Locating your business in an area with a weak electricity supply is preferable. People will be forced to support your business as a result. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that your company’s operations and profitability can also be negatively impacted by a poor electricity supply. It is crucial to have a backup power source or think about moving to a location with a steady supply of electricity.

5. Mobile food Vendor & Delivery business

Mobile food Vendor & Delivery business

Due to the nature of their jobs and busy schedules, many people currently find it challenging to prepare meals at home; as a result, they end up using the services of these food vendors. Food delivery services are in higher demand as a result of this trend, making it simpler for people to place orders from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. It’s important to remember that this might not always be the healthiest choice and that it should only be done occasionally. Since there are many alternatives, including eateries, restaurants, and other mobile food vendors competing for your customers, having knowledge of or experience with cooking will give you a distinct advantage over your rivals. To prevent any legal troubles or fines, it’s also crucial to learn about the regional laws and licenses needed to run a mobile food vendor business in your area. Creating a distinctive menu and branding strategy can also aid in bringing in and keeping customers. Many people advertise food on their social media accounts. deliver some packages to homes. One of the best businesses to start with little investment and maximize profits is this one. 

4. Selling of clothes

Selling of clothes

Selling cloth is one of the most frequent forms of commerce in Nigeria, where a variety of native and English clothing can be found in markets and retail establishments all over the nation. The high demand for fashion items makes the clothing industry in Nigeria a profitable one. By providing distinctive and fashionable clothing designs at reasonable prices, business owners can take advantage of this market. However, the industry is also highly competitive, and business owners need to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and constantly innovate to remain relevant. Additionally, investing in quality materials and skilled labor can help ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. While starting the business, having a shop may not necessarily be important from the onset, as you can simply purchase clothes and deliver them to the doorsteps of your customers. However, as the business grows, having a physical store can provide a more professional image and increase customer trust. It also allows customers to physically see and try on the clothes before making a purchase.

3. Blogging Business

Blogging Business

One of the most well-liked businesses in Nigeria is blogging. one of the most popular online businesses in Nigeria. Many Nigerians who have embraced the digital age and are using the internet’s power to reach a larger audience and make money from their passion or expertise are finding it to be a lucrative source of income. In Nigeria, where there are millions of internet users, blogging offers countless chances for development and success. Many people have started blogs in one or both of these ways. But to succeed as a blogger, you need commitment, consistency, and the capacity to create excellent content that appeals to your intended audience. Additionally, it entails creating a solid online presence and successfully promoting your blog through a variety of channels. To become a blogger you need to learn from those who are in it. And understand everything about how google search engine work. 

2. Tiktok Influencer Or Video Skits 

Tiktok Influencer Or Video Skits

One of the most important businesses in Nigeria is TikTok, which is widely used there because everyone uses it to upload videos and do other things. Some individuals enjoy video skits. Many people have turned it into a business and are profiting handsomely from it. People can make a lot of money by promoting their content and selling their products on social media. Many people are now pursuing careers as social media influencers as a result. They collaborate with brands, advertise goods and services on their platforms, and generate a sizable income from their online presence. 

1. POS Business

POS Business

POS acts as a subtly different method of conducting banking business and prevents people from wasting valuable time waiting in line for routine financial transactions in the bank lobby. The POS can handle financial transactions like money transfers and withdrawals, bill payment, airtime recharges, and data sales, among others. Additionally portable and usable in remote locations without banks, POS machines make it simpler for people to access financial services. Additionally, using POS devices lessens the danger associated with carrying large amounts of cash, which can be risky. In starting a POS, one of the most important things to consider is the location in which you want to situate the business. The nature of the location where your business is located can either make or break your POS business idea. While determining the kind of location, some of the things you should consider are: These include the level of foot traffic, accessibility, proximity to competitors, and the overall safety of the area. It is important to conduct thorough research and analysis before settling on a location for your POS business.


These are the top Nigerian businesses in your neighborhood! When you ask people what they do for a living, you’ll hear things like “I’m a skit maker, tiktok influencer, and so on.” Before you reach a T- Junction in your street. You will come across three or more POS Machines. The state also has a large number of bloggers, laundry, food vendors, clothing sellers, graphic designers, and other businesses. These are the low-key businesses that make good money.

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