Uche Maduagwu: Eight years ago, on the set of my first film, I was sexually assaulted by a male actor.

Controversial Uche Maduagwu, a Nigerian actor, recently shared a difficult story from years ago on his verified Instagram profile.
The actor said that during his first film in Lagos in 2012, a different male actor molested him.

Maduagwu went on to explain that homosexuality is more prevalent than we might realize in the Nigerian film industry and that it’s not uncommon to witness a producer, director, or well-known actor abuse a young, upcoming actor, especially if he’s attractive.

The upcoming stars were then cautioned to be cautious with their food and drink while they were on set or they would regret it, the movie star continued.

Look at what he wrote in his post.

“Honestly, whenever I think of how a male actor harassed and raped me on the set of my debut film in Lagos, I sob bitterly. My advice to young and upcoming male actors is to be mindful of location food and drinks because your butt might pay heavily for it at night in your hotel room. Homosexuality is slowly consuming Nollywood; it’s difficult to see a producer, director, or big actor that is not molesting another male actor, especially if you are cute and good-looking.