Frank Edwards, a well-known gospel singer, has stated that he is willing to lend his support to the investigation into the death of Osinachi Nwachukwu.

On Friday night, the vocalist of ‘Ekwueme’ was reported deceased.

Hours after her death, allegations surfaced that the singer had been subjected to domestic abuse and had been battered by her husband, leading to her hospitalization.

Frank Edwards, who had already expressed regret over Osinachi’s death, went on Instagram live to express his sorrow.

Why I won't let go of Osinachi's death - Frank Edwards

Despite the fact that he has never taken anyone to a court or locked anyone up, the musician stated that he is prepared to pursue this matter.

Before taking any other action, he advised those who are victims of domestic abuse to quit their relationships or marriages.

“I’ve never pulled my weight against anyone, even people who have wounded me,” Frank Edwards said.

“I’ve had reasons to take people to court but never did, but this case cannot go that way since this is a colleague and a voice that blessed the world.”

“Leave first if you’re being physically abused.”