The Nigerian Slay Queen was yelling really loudly in full passion after discovering that Wizkid had followed her on Instagram.

The Slay Queen, also known as Davies Presh, couldn’t maintain her nerves after Nigerian superstar Wizkid followed her in a new video.

She was clearly saying “Wizkid followed me” multiple times, as she seemed to be overwhelmed in delight.

The young woman, who appears to be a die-hard Wizkid fan, had been posting about the singer on Instagram and was given the shock of her life when she realized that the singer had followed her on the photo-sharing platform.

In a video she posted on her Facebook, the woman with the name @Davies Preh, who is in ecstasy, is seen shouting on the road with some of her pals who share her excitement.

While some Nigerians mocked her for yelling all over the place since Wizkid had followed her, others praised her for expressing gratitude to the artist.