“You are the best neighbor I’ve ever had; you have my highest regard.” and my hero” – Eniola Badmus lavishly lauded Olamide

Famous Diva Eniola Badmus has written a supportive message of gratitude to iconic Nigerian singer Olamide Adedeji, also known as Baddoo.

Eniola Badmum used social media to praise Olamide’s diligence and highlight how well-liked the singer is.

The performer also expressed her admiration for Olamide’s every move, saying, “I can’t help but be influenced.”


OLA, I just care about you so much. YOUR MORAL WORK IS PASSIONATE

. I’d say you’re the hardest worker I know. You are so influential in everything you do that I can’t help but be influenced.

Eniola Badmus talked about her fabled journey of body transfiguration, according to xclusive.

Even though they all tried to hide it with sweet compliments, Eniola Badmus’ abrupt transformation shocked many. Because of how shocking the transformation of her body was, it became one of the most talked-about topics online.

Eniola Badmus posted a picture of her old and new bodies side by side. Many people discussed the photo on her timeline as they tried to express how amazed they were by her shocking choice.

It wasn’t an easy journey, she wrote.

Oju ri toaaaaaa