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EPL: Man United ‘may be banned’ from Europe next season due to Ratcliffe’s takeover

This could potentially lead to Manchester United being banned from playing in the Champions League or Europa League, depending on their performance in the Premier League. This would not only have a major impact on the club’s finances and reputation, but also on the players and fans who would miss out on the opportunity to play and support their team in European competitions. It also raises ethical concerns about the influence of wealthy individuals owning multiple clubs and potentially manipulating the outcomes of matches.


Despite the slight changes in the rules, there still remains a ban on clubs under common ownership participating in the same European competition. This means that teams such as Manchester United and Nice, who share the same owner, will not be able to compete against each other in any UEFA tournament. The new rule only allows for clubs under common ownership to compete in different tournaments, but not in the same one. This decision was made to maintain fairness and avoid potential conflicts of interest in the competition.

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This statement suggests that teams will have more flexibility in choosing which competitions to participate in, without the pressure of having to prioritize one over the other. This could lead to a more diverse range of teams competing in various competitions, making for a more exciting and unpredictable tournament.

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