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Activist, VeryDarkMan: I’ll become a crossdresser if Bobrisky is not arrested.

However, many people have criticized VeryDarkMan’s statement and vowed to continue supporting Bobrisky’s right to express their gender identity. This has sparked a heated debate on social media and raised questions about the rights and safety of the LGBTQ+ community in Nigeria. While crossdressing may not be considered a crime, the continued discrimination and targeting of individuals based on their gender expression is a serious concern. It is important for society to move towards acceptance and understanding of different gender identities, rather than promoting hate and intolerance.


This statement sparked controversy and backlash from the LGBTQ+ community, who saw it as a form of discrimination and a violation of their rights. Many pointed out that being a crossdresser or identifying as LGBTQ+ is not a crime, and should not be treated as such. Others called for more education and understanding on the topic, rather than promoting harmful stereotypes and prejudices.

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He continued, “It’s all just a game. I know they can never detain me for calling out Bobrisky and exposing his connections to powerful people. But it’s a small price to pay for speaking the truth and standing up against injustice. And if they don’t take action against Bobrisky, then I will take matters into my own hands and start crossdressing myself. I will show them that their laws and beliefs are outdated and discriminatory. So let this be a warning to all those who think they can silence me, I will always fight for what is right.”

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