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11 Kenyan College Students Involved In a Bus Accident

11 Kenyan College Students Involved In a Bus Accident

About 360 kilometers (220 miles) from Nairobi an accident happened at 5:50 p.m. (1450 GMT) on Monday in Maungu while the Kenyatta University students were on their way to the coastal town of Mombasa.


The police reported that ” A bus carrying students from a prestigious university in Kenya skidded in the downpour and collided with a truck on a busy highway leading to the death of eleven people were killed and 42 others were critically injured.

Police said that 42 people were seriously injured and that ten people died immediately upon impact and one more died later in the hospital.

The police report stated, “The university bus skidded to the right side of the road as the driver was overtaking a fleet of motor vehicles in the heavy rain.”

The statement continued, “This prompted the truck driver to avoid head-on collision, hence hitting the left side of the university bus.” about fifty-eight people on the academic trip in the bus.

The Kenyan Red Cross announced that the injured had been transported to a hospital in the neighboring town of Voi.

Kenyatta University established a help desk at the main campus to offer “assistance during this challenging time” and expressed its “deep sadness” over the accident on Tuesday.

It stated, “Some of the injured students are being evaluated for potential evacuation to Nairobi.”

Road conditions are frequently poor and traffic laws are either broken or disregarded in the east African country, which leads to a high rate of road accidents.

The number of road accidents in Kenya in 2023 was 7,8 percent lower than the previous year, with 4,324 fatalities and 18,561 injuries, according to data released by the National Transport and Safety Authority.

On Tuesday, their van collided with a tractor in western Kenya, resulting in five fatalities and eighteen injuries.

A high school student and a teacher perished on Saturday after their bus, carrying sixty-three people, lost control and tumbled down a hill multiple times.

But the beginning of 2024 was deadly, with 536 deaths from January 1 to February 11, which is 5% more than during the same period in the previous year.

The most well-known incident resulted in the death of 24-year-old world marathon record holder Kelvin Kiptum on February 11.

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