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Table Water Producers (FG) – Prevents the collapse of our industry

Table Water Producers (FG) - Prevents the collapse of our industry

At the Trade Fair Exhibition Complex Expoyo in Ibadan, the association’s National President, Dr. (Mrs.) Clementina Chinwe Ativie made the statement above on behalf of the group.

The prices of food and other reasonably priced materials have increased since Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu removed fuel subsidies on May 29, 2023, making it more difficult for people to make purchases and travel comfortably as they once did.

Table Water Producers, troubled by the difficulties in obtaining its materials, asked President Tinubu’s administration to intervene on their behalf on Tuesday before they closed their production companies.

Ativie outlined the significance of water in society, pointing out that a significant number of jobs would be lost and waterborne illnesses would become more common if the government did not step in.


“We want to emphasize that water remains the source of life and sustainability,” the speaker said. Because of this, issues about the production and consumption of water demand the full attention of the government, which oversees the industry, as well as the producers, whom ATWAP represents.

“That is the only way to encourage a healthier society for the current generation as well as the generations to come.
It is sufficient to state that, as an association, we have always placed the interests of Nigerians first.

Nigerian manufacturers of packaged water recognize the need to give people access to inexpensive, safe drinking water, and they work to meet this goal while managing the country’s growing production expenses.

We use nylon as the primary material for our packaging because there isn’t a substitute that can be used to package sachet water.

Given the current state of the economy, we therefore urgently require government assistance to prevent member factory closures, the ensuing loss of jobs, and the waterborne illnesses that would result from allowing the water industry to fail.

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